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Bad Breath: Reasons, Remedies, And Prevention

"Bad Breath can affect your daily lifestyle and relationship,over come bad breath today by discovering the reasons,remedies and prevention"
Halitosis, the name used to indicate Bad Breath, medically is found commonly in people with low oral hygiene. This is formed by Volatile sulfur compound “which” produces bacteria, mainly responsible for intra-oral halitosis. Not brushing the teeth regularly or not rinsing the teeth after every meal, not flossing the teeth under regular intervals cause bad breath.
Eating food with strong smells like onions, garlic, to name a few, also creates bad breath temporarily and remains till the food gets digested. Brushing or rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash also does not work to get rid of the problem when these foods are consumed. Halitosis is not a severe health problem, but it creates a low self-esteemed personality in all. It affects a person’s daily lifestyle and relationship. Research states around 35-45% of people suffer from halitosis around the world.
Habits and reasons for Bad Breath

It’s quite embarrassing to have bad breath as it not only affects the person who has it but also borders all around the one involved.  Everyone experiences bad breath in life some day or the other. Health experts state some habits and root causes for Halitosis.
·         Poor Dental Hygiene: Insufficient care towards oral health creates bacteria in the mouth, evolving between the teeth and the gums. Unlike skin, teeth do not shed their own surface, hence the bacteria remain in the teeth for long period. This builds up gum disease, like gingivitis and periodontitis that lead to gum bleeding and foul odor releases decaying the teeth.
·         Dryness in Mouth: Speaking for too long, smoking continuously, being alcoholic or snoring initiates dry mouth. Lack of saliva production in mouth causes foul breathes.
·         Foods: Too much of tea and coffee along with onions, garlic, dairy products, meat fish all initiates the problem. Also, juices and refined sugar add up to cause the problem. Acidity in the mouth with bacterial growth is one of the reasons as well.
·         Illness and Disease: Diseases like diabetes, kidney problem, liver problem, cancer, respiratory tract infection or metabolic disorder causes bad breath. Sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia or any cause of nasal air passage blockage creates a low release of saliva causing bad breath. Yeast infection in the mouth or any gum disease adds up to the problem.
Home Remedies for cure
·         Use mouthwashes and proper pastes regularly to overcome bad breath.
·         Initiate saliva flow by chewing mints that are sugar-free and chewing gums.
·         Take Vitamin supplements enriched with Vitamin C, D, E, and B.
·         Use Baking Soda for brushing occasionally.
·         Rinsing the mouth regularly with coconut oil heals any gums and cleans the teeth well.
Prevention towards Bad Breath
Rinsing the mouth after every meal should be a regular habit to prevent food particles accumulate between the teeth. Having fiber-rich food, drinking green or black tea also helps to prevent bad breath. The cleaner the teeth and gums the better the smile.

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