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Formation, Symptoms and Causes of Bladder Stones

"Bladder stones may possess no problem at all sometimes but it is quite painful when it blocks the urine flow.To avoid experiencing this Let us know about the formation,symptoms and causes of bladder stones"
Vesical calculus or Cystoliths are the medical names implying a BLADDER STONE. It initiates when the bladder does not get cleared for a long period of time. The concentration of urine where minerals in the urine crystallize forming stones. Around 95% of men suffer from this problem.
Bladder stones may possess no problem at all sometimes but it is quite painful when it blocks the urine flow. Let us know about the symptoms of bladder stones:

1.      Irritation in the bladder wall
2.      There is chronic urination
3.      Pain during passing out urine
4.      Getting interrupted while urinating
5.      Blood flow with the urine
6.      Lower abdominal pain
7.      Change in the color of urine
8.      Painful or uncomfortable penis in men
With the above symptoms, one needs to reach to a general doctor primarily or directly to a Urologist, a specialized doctor for urinary disorders, who can further diagnose the matter through some tests like Urine analysis, Ultra Sound, Spiral Computerized Tomography CT scan that provides the image of internal organs in details.
Common Causes for Bladder Stones
Some unknown medical conditions being dehydrated and some infections, creates a bladder stone. Below mentioned are commonly known reasons for its occurrence:
·         Enlarged Prostate gland - Due to the enlargement of prostate gland, stones may form in the bladder. The enlarged prostate adds pressure to the bladder, “which” obstructs the urine flow and prevents it from clearing the bladder.
·         Nerve Damage - Nerves are to convey message from the brain to different parts of the body. When the nerves connecting the bladder get damaged due to the result of stroke, spinal cord injury or any health issues, urine is obstructed and it does not flow out completely. Thus, creates the bladder stone.
·         UTI or radiation – Urinary tract infection or radiation around the pelvic zone can cause bladder stone.
·         Medical Equipments – Catheters in the bladder, tubes that are inserted in the bladder to drain out urine, may be the cause for bladder stone. Urinary stent or some contraceptive devices that may accidentally flow into the bladder may also cause the stones.
·         Kidney Stones – Small stones from the kidney may flow into the bladder causing obstruction and blockage in the urine flow.
·         Bladder diverticula – These are pouches developed in the bladder. When these pouches grow, they restrict the complete urine flow and stones are created in the bladder.
·         Cystocele – This occurs only in women; the bladder wall weakens and hangs near to the vagina blocking the flow of urine.
Children develop bladder stones too often around the world in developing countries due to dehydration, various infections, abnormal urinary tract and low protein diet. This is also prone towards aged adults due to prostrate problems commonly found in them. If diagnosed at an early stage simply drinking water in high quantity can drain it out through urination. When enlarged, they are removed surgically or by breaking them up inside the body, by inserting tubes with camera in the urethra. A doctor is the only help, to get cured from the problem so do visit one for the right solution.

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