Saturday, 22 July 2017

7 Ways Excess Weight Affects Your Overall Health

"Discover the diseases that you may soon catch up if you are on the heavier side"
It is perhaps a daily story - You count every calorie whenever you eat anything. Small breaks in fitness schedule and improper diet are leading to excess weight. Obviously, you try to hunt for some delicious ways to be slimmer because little excess fat puts you in a health risk zone as it affects your overall health gradually. Let’s discuss in brief about the diseases that you may soon catch up if you are on the heavier side.
As per the clinical evidence, diabetes has a strong association with central or abdominal obesity. There are more chances for an obese person to become resistant to insulin, which carries sugar from the blood to cells and this gradually shoots up the blood sugar level within the body causing Type-2 diabetes.
High Blood Pressure
Heart of an over-weight person has to work harder to pump blood to all parts of the body in comparison to the heart of a person with no extra fat. High Blood Pressure (HBP) is nothing but the pressure with which your heart pumps your blood against the walls of your arteries. Over weightiness leads to more force used by your heart and this results in high blood pressure. As your heart works harder, heart diseases can step in anytime soon!
A very common disease to be found among elderly and especially women with excess weight, osteoarthritis is a serious health problem in which joint cartilage wears away gradually. This is because the joints and cartilages of an overweight person are more prone to extra pressure and in some cases inflammation too. 
Pregnancy Complication
A woman needs to be utmost careful during her pregnancy tenure and an overweight woman has more reasons to take care of herself. An overweight woman may be prone to complications during c-section as in such a case, blood sugar level gets increased along with blood pressure. There is also increased the risk of excess blood loss leading to more complications.
Heart Stroke
It is found that people with huge waist size (over 40 inches for male or over 35 inches for female) are more likely to suffer from heart stroke or other heart diseases. The combination of high BMI and large waist also enhance the possibility of a cardiac problem. The main reason is the existence of fat in the belly is related to the amount of visceral fat, which gets accumulated near the organs within the abdomen. Such fat is highly linked to the resistance of insulin.
Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is one of the serious and common disorders that can top the breathing repetitively for nearly ten seconds during sleep. This disease leads to the low amount of oxygen in one’s blood. In adults, it is seen that the most common reason behind the sleep apnea is the obesity or excess weight that is related to the soft tissue in throat and mouth. While sleeping, if the muscles of your tongue or throat become more relaxed, then the flexible tissue may cause the blockage of the airway. However, many other causes also lead to this condition in any adult person. If the neck circumference for men is more than 7 inches and for women is more than 16 inches, there may be sleep apnea.
The list does not end here; there are many more diseases like liver problems, cancer, depression et al that an overweight person is more likely to get subjected to unknowingly. The key is to keep a tab on weight and to eat healthy, nutritious food and exercising on a regular basis. After all, excess weight is doing nothing good for your overall health.

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